Salesforce Wave Analytics Provides The Competitive Edge

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Business isn’t easy. The sales landscape has always been highly competitive, but in recent years as consumers demand more quality choices and have increased resources to find them…sales teams are forced to innovate to keep up. In a marketplace saturated with competitors vying for your customers’ attention, it has become more important than ever to offer the right products and services, at the right price, at the right time, to the right customer. This may seem like a daunting prospect, but Salesforce Wave Analytics delivers smart data results that makes this process easier and provides the competitive edge you company needs.

Salesforce Wave Analytics Makes Managing Competition Easier

In a recent study conducted by Salesforce that surveyed over 2,000 business professionals in sales, 58% reported seeing increased competition compared to years past. So how were they coping with this increased pressure and continuing to meet their sales quotas? For almost three quarters of them, the solution was analytics. 74% of those surveyed reported they were already using or planned to use analytics in the next 12-18 months. Additionally, sales teams with the highest performance levels were found to be about 3.5x more likely to use analytics than their underperforming peers.

Salesforce Wave Analytics Makes Data Smarter

There has been an explosion of data in recent years, commonly referred to as Big Data, as companies track all aspects of their business. This can range from customer demographics, sales metrics, product performance, and more. However, while all this data is certainly crucial for sales teams to reach their highest performance levels, it can become overwhelming without an effective way to organize and analyze the captured data. This often results in missed opportunities and developing trends. Salesforce Wave helps companies get the most benefit from their data by providing contextual, dynamic data in an easy-to-understand format through Wave dashboards or one of Wave’s prebuilt apps.

Wave Analytics also comes with a powerful predictive tool, Einstein Data Discovery, that reveals emerging trends to help business development teams focus their attention on the opportunities with the most overall value. Wave Analytics is incredibly flexible and dynamic. It is designed to adjust to user input quickly and return results that are reliable and easy to understand. This reduces the risk of data being misinterpreted and empowers all employees to get in on the action, not just expert data analysts.

Salesforce Wave Analytics Is the Mobile Solution

Salesforce Wave is available on everything from traditional desktop and laptop computers to mobile devices and tablets. Salesforce even released Wave Analytics for wearable tech like the Apple Watch. This provides an unprecedented level of freedom and mobility. Sales reps can now network with potential clients anywhere and at any time, even on a nature hike or a charity jog. More and more high performing sales teams are getting in on this type of action. The study discussed above further revealed that about 60% of top-performing sales professionals had used or plan to use a mobile analytics solution.

Salesforce Wave Analytics is a robust analytics tool that has broad-range applicability to companies of all sizes across any industry or sector. The Refinery Source works closely with clients desiring to implement Salesforce Wave Analytics or other Salesforce solutions at their companies. We will show you how to get the most return from Salesforce Wave so that your company can gain the competitive edge that comes with expert business intelligence.

By Kevin Knight

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