Salesforce Wave Analytics: Quicker to Implement Means Quicker to Insight

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Before making any significant software investment, it is critical to fully understand what the level of effort and complexity is for the implementation. This is particularly true when it comes to an analytics tool because the data it provides will shape business decisions and have far-reaching implications for the company. One of the best analytics tools available is Salesforce Wave Analytics because of its native integration with the Salesforce platform. Salesforce Wave Analytics, also known as Salesforce Analytics Cloud, is a powerful, easy-to-use analytics platform that allows companies of all sizes efficiently analyze data. Below are a few compelling reasons why you should consider purchasing Salesforce Wave Analytics for your company.

Salesforce Wave Analytics Is Fast and Easy to Setup

One of the core benefits of Salesforce Wave is the speed and ease of implementation compared to most legacy analytics systems. Wave is designed to function at consumer speed, empowering users to get the answers needed quickly opposed to pouring over complex data or preparing time-consuming reports. Wave users utilize the platform more like a search engine than a spreadsheet, generating fast, reliable data based on integrated data sets.

Salesforce Wave Analytics Features Predictive Data

Wave Analytics can be considered part of the next generation in business intelligence software thanks in large part to its Einstein Data Discovery feature. This powerful predictive tool is able to analyze vast amounts of data and make meaningful predictions about trends and sales projections. This allows companies to pivot into new markets, products, and ad campaigns faster and easier than their competitors providing a crucial edge in an ever-changing market landscape. Rather than investing large sums of money, labor, and other resources in an unproven, highly speculative initiative…companies can act with confidence, knowing that they have the most reliable and accurate projections available.

Salesforce Wave Analytics Is Ideal for all Users

Due to their complexity, many legacy analytics systems are not user friendly and are often only used by specialized teams or individuals with a high technical acumen. These legacy systems are effective, but typically have an opportunity cost where limited access for front-line employees and executives reduces the benefit from the business intelligence derived from the software.

Salesforce Wave Analytics recognizes these problems and eliminates them through an easy to use interface. Wave is designed to be configurable and intuitive for every user from sales representatives to company executives and each level within. Results are fast and easy to consume with cutting edge aesthetics and interactivity.

Salesforce Wave Analytics Is Part of the Mobile Revolution

Mobile devices are revolutionizing the way people interact with data and make business decisions. Salesforce Wave is at the forefront of this trend and is fully compatible with all major mobile operating systems. The enhanced mobility also allows users to take the data with them wherever they go, whether that’s with clients abroad, their local Starbucks, or simply from meeting to meeting.

Salesforce Wave Analytics Features Extremely Reliable Security

Security breaches are a recurring threat in the business world and are no longer someone else’s problem. Legacy analytics systems were often vulnerable to breaches because they relied on manual security updates and stored the information locally on-site. By contrast, Wave Analytics features top-level security built on the Salesforce cloud infrastructure that has a proven track record vetted by major Fortune 500 companies.

Purchasing Salesforce Wave Analytics for your company can still feel like an overwhelming process despite these benefits. The Refinery Source makes implementation and adoption a painless, low-stress process by delivering best practices and unlocking the value in your data. Let The Refinery Source show you how to make the most of your Salesforce Wave Analytics purchase.

By Kevin Knight

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