Salesforce offers outstanding benefits to just about every department within a company; however, at its core, Salesforce is a customer service tool. It is a CRM or “Customer Relationship Management” service. This means that managing and improving a company’s interactions with its customers is fundamentally what Salesforce is about, and obviously this overlaps significantly, if not entirely, with the customer service department.

Salesforce Keeps Customer Information Complete and Accurate

One of the primary ways that Salesforce improves the customer experience is by keeping the customer’s information complete and accurate. A common problem in the customer service world is incomplete, out-dated, or erroneous information. This situation is frustrating to customers and to customer service agents, and it can arise because previous customer contact with the company may have be between the customer and different departments, or the customer and different customer service agents, leaving the current customer service employee completely out of the loop. Salesforce automatically shares customer information across departments, is extremely easy to enter and update, making it more likely that employees will do so, and Salesforce is also good at detecting when there may be a problem with the information.

Salesforce Streamlines Customer Communications

Something that almost everyone can attest to, including most customer service reps themselves, is how frustrating it is to be transferred from person to person within a company, or have to call back multiple times on different occasions, only to have to spend the first several minutes of every call mindlessly describing the same tedious series of events, problems, and information over and over to the new customer service rep. Salesforce streamlines these customer communications by allowing agents to enter and update on-going notes, and by presenting them with a full log of what happened, when it happened, the product or service the customer has, and all relevant warranty and upgrade information.

Salesforce’s Service Cloud Assists Customer Service Agents In Real Time

One of the most revolutionary aspects of Salesforce is its Service Cloud. The Service Cloud automatically finds and suggests articles and resources to the customer service agent as they type a description of the customer’s problem. Additionally, electronic updates, patches, and other fixes that can be performed remotely are quickly and readily available, allowing customer service reps to resolve many issues then and there.

Salesforce Automates Good Customer Service Techniques

Salesforce also saves customer service agents time and energy by automating many of the best customer service techniques, such as following up with customers to make sure that their problems have been completely and satisfactorily resolved. It does this by automating messages to customers whenever possible and by setting up reminders and schedules for messages that require the agent’s personal involvement.

Salesforce Helps Customer Service Agents Interface With Other Departments

Often a customer service agent will need to communicate with the IT or tech department regarding a new release, upgrade, or customer problem. It is also common for a customer service agent to need to verify something with the marketing or sales team, or to want to check with individuals from other departments that the customer has previously dealt with. Salesforce makes this type of collaboration across multiple departments much easier with its Salesforce Chatter and other communication tools and resources.