A company’s executives must be able to see the bigger picture and make decisions based on a full spectrum of information. Traditionally the task of assimilating information and reports from all the different teams and departments within a company, especially a large company, has been a very daunting task. However, Salesforce and its cutting edge technology offer a number of very helpful tools and resources for busy executives.

Salesforce Is Always Available

Often a company executive must act quickly, especially in times of crisis. This means that information must be available quickly and completely at a moment’s notice. Salesforce is a cloud based system that can be accessed at any time of the day or night and which is still up and running even during holidays. Additionally, Salesforce is compatible with a full range of devices from desktop, notebook, and mobile. This ensures that busy, travelling executives will always be able to access it even if they don’t have their standard work equipment with them.

The Salesforce AppExchange Facilitates Amazing Apps

Salesforce features an excellent resource called the AppExchange which allows companies to develop, download, and install incredible apps that make look great and offer outstanding functionality. This is ideal for over-worked executives who desperately need to find a way to work smarter, not harder. Apps are also a sleek, attractive way to showcase company information during important meetings and conferences. These apps can benefit many departments within a company, and executives in particular will find them helpful since their elevated vantage point will allow them to create apps that integrates features and resources from multiple departments within the company.

Salesforce Improves Organization and Planning

One of the largest challenges that many executives face is staying on top of their numerous commitments and responsibilities, and avoiding scheduling and planning conflicts. These conflicts can easily occur when multiple calendars and devices are used, and especially if assistants are also updating calendars for the executive. Salesforce integrates everything in one places, creates reminders and automated messages, and facilitates communication with involved parties through its system. It also allows the executive to quickly and easily research a client or contact on social media and to review notes and information that detail past interaction with the company or individual.

Salesforce Makes Communication Easier

From high level clients and contacts to calls, emails, and meetings with company employees, the typical executive must interact with a huge number of people on a regular basis. Tools such as Salesforce Chatter make it easy for executives to evaluate the progress of different projects and departments, communicate with key individuals, and have quick access to all the different phone numbers, email accounts, social media profiles, etc., that the person uses.

Salesforce Tracks Results

Determining the success of a major project or initiative can be difficult and time consuming. Salesforce makes the process easier by providing executives with a number of different metrics they can evaluate, and by streamlining the reporting process in general so that different departments can get the information to the executive more quickly and accurately. This allows the executive to act decisively to eliminate projects that aren’t working and capitalize on those that are.