Salesforce has quite a few powerful resources and advantages that it can offer to companies that work within the industrial sector. For instance Salesforce can help an industrial company stay attuned to its public image, keep track of new developments within the industry, raise productivity and collaborate more effectively across different departments, provide great quality service and support to its customers. In order to this Salesforce uses a system of clouds and apps which synergize effectively and fully function on the full array of modern devices. What follows is a brief look at several of the major aspects of Salesforce and how they serve the industrial sector.

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Helps Industries Identify New Information

The industrial sector can often be vulnerable to public opinion as well as policy changes. That is why it is important for those within the industrial sector to carefully monitor what people are saying about it. This task becomes easy with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud which can be used to track keywords or company mentions on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networks. The Marketing Cloud can also be used to follow blogs and community forums. This is an easy, effective way for industrial companies to be certain that as soon as new legislation is passed or important studies and information are released, they will find out fast and can react accordingly.

Companies can also use the Marketing Cloud to interact with the public and respond to messages. Additionally the Marketing Cloud aggregates social media and other information relating to customers and contacts, thereby helping the industrial company connect more smoothly and effectively with these individuals. The Marketing Cloud is an excellent tool for conducting research before a big meeting or presentation as well as publicizing company news and releases.

Performance Tracking In The Salesforce Sales Cloud and Chatter

The Salesforce Sales Cloud is a great tool to help industrial companies keep track of the performance of their employees in real time. It can be used to display the progress made toward various goals and how far along the company is on projects or toward closing an important deal. This is a great motivational tool and it easily integrates with the Marketing Cloud as well as Salesforce Chatter for maximum sharing options.

Additionally the Sales Cloud can be used to generate lead pages for a company’s contacts or customers. This allows the industrial company to slowly and carefully cultivate their leads over time and they can even use techniques such as sending out pre-determined messages at specific intervals to check in with clients and contacts.

Useful Web Apps The Salesforce Platform for the Industrial Sector

One of the best ways that Salesforce serves the industrial sector is with the Salesforce Platform which allows industrial companies to build and run innovative apps and websites. This is a great resource for solving problems as they come up as well as for looking for opportunities to maximize productivity and make life easier by building and using these helpful, innovative apps. They can even be shared with clients and customers, thereby getting them excited about your company as well.

The great thing about Salesforce for industrial companies, however, is that it is an extremely adaptive, highly-functional tool. Regardless of the specific industry you are in, Salesforce can be shaped to boost productivity and collaboration for your business. The Refinery will assist you with Salesforce training and implementation and we will also be on hand to guide you through any hiccups or problems.