Salesforce provides many outstanding advantages and resources to legal firms and those involved in the legal industry. These resources will typically take the form of things such as helping the legal firm connect with new clients, better understand their needs and concerns, track the performance of the firm’s employees, and collaborate on important cases. Salesforce accomplishes these advantages by utilizing a network of interconnected clouds that focus on particular areas of concern. Let’s discuss several of the main clouds and how they can assist customers who are in the legal industry.

Harnessing Salesforce Technology For Lead Generation

Throughout history the legal industry has availed itself of some of the most modern and advanced techniques of the time to identify potential clients and offer them the services that they needed. In the earliest days of the industry they relied heavily on word of mouth as well as on reading newspaper publication about people affected by crimes and events which fell into their practice areas. Once technology advanced to the point of radios and television, law firms started connecting with clients by advertising through these mediums as well as by tracking relevant news stories.

Nowadays we are in the midst of a social media revolution in which people are tweeting about car accidents, crimes, and other wrongs committed against them only moments after these events occur. Facebook pages light up with comments from concerned friends and links to articles and news stories. Salesforce makes it easy for the legal industry to monitor social networks, blogs, and community forums with its Salesforce Marketing Cloud. It is easy to track keywords relevant to the firm’s practice areas, respond to questions and comments, and manage their own Facebook, Twitter, and other pages.

Tracking Case Progress and Hours with Salesforce Sales Cloud

Though at first glance it might not seem like the Salesforce Sales Cloud would be particularly relevant to those in the legal industry it can still be used to synergize well with this sector. Firms can use it to track their associates billable hours and progress on various cases. Productivity can also be tracked for paralegals and other support staff. Additionally the Sales Cloud provides a central place with everyone at the firm can track communication through the My Chatter field.

One of the best uses of the Sales Cloud, however, is to utilize it to create new leads for potential clients. These leads can be generated from the Marketing Cloud or from traditional walk-in, email, or phone-in inquires. The lead generation capabilities of Sales Cloud also integrate well with the Marketing Cloud to allow the law firm to conduct research on clients, or others involved in the potential suit.

Superb Web App Functionality

We are also in the middle of a massive app revolution with more and more individuals and businesses demanding high tech, sleek apps which will make their businesses more productive and their work easier. Salesforce has jumped on board this exciting trend by creating the Salesforce AppExchange where users can go to download and install custom software to help their businesses. Customers in the legal industry can benefit from this trend by developing a host of time saving apps, many of which will also be a service to their clients.

The Salesforce AppExchange apps are compatible with traditional desktop computers, mobile devices such as cell phones, and notebooks and tablets such as iPads. This ensures that everyone from the firm’s office staff, to their busy partners who might be on the go in court or client meetings, can still access the apps anytime they need them without a loss of function.

The Refinery has the experience and skills needed to help our clients in the legal industry best benefit from the services and resources that Salesforce has to offer. We will help you implement Salesforce, providing training and instruction for you and your staff, and be on hand to assist with any hiccups or questions. We can also work with you to create a comprehensive Salesforce strategy based on your particular firm so that you will be sure that you are getting the most you can out of this wonderful service.