Salesforce offers a number of distinct advantages to customers within the manufacturing industry. The advantages help manufacturers connect with customers, manage and boost sales, handle customer service issues, and seamlessly collaborate across multiple departments to provide excellence in customer service and raise productivity. Salesforce offers these benefits through their unique cloud systems which integrate with each other and offer outstanding options, service, and performance. Let’s take a look at several of Salesforce’s main systems and how they relate to the manufacturing industry.

Social Media Monitoring Made Easy With The Salesforce Marketing Cloud

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud provides a convenient highly functional way for a manufacturing company to monitor social networks, blogs, and community forums that are relevant to their industry. They can track what is being said about the company itself, or monitor relevant keywords so that they can identify when an opportunity exists with a potential customer who may be in need of the product that the company manufactures.

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud also allows manufacturing companies to manager their Facebook, Twitter, and other social media pages and to reply directly to customers who might be interested in their products.

Sales and Employee/Team Performance Tracking In The Salesforce Sales Cloud

The Salesforce Sales Cloud allows manufacturing companies to create leads based on traditional lead sources or by conjunctive use with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. For instance if someone is identified on Facebook posting about the product the manufacturing company sells, the company can then use this information to create a lead for the individual in the Sales Cloud. The Sales Cloud also allows the company to conduct valuable research on the person by aggregating their social media information and supplying the cloud with useful information that may help close a deal or help sales reps better connect with the person.

Additionally the Sales Cloud allows manufacturing companies to track performance and sales records for their sales reps in real time. This can be used as a motivational tool by sharing snapshots of the sales charts in the My Chatter field so that all sales reps can see the standings. The Salesforce Sales Cloud also allows manufacturing companies to gain valuable information about what goods and products are selling and the demographics that they are selling to.

Customer Service Efficiency In The Salesforce Service Cloud

The Salesforce Service Cloud benefits manufacturing companies by providing them with an easy and efficient way to handle their customer service issues. The Service Cloud aggregates information about the person such as warranties, models bought, past interaction with the company, and contact information so that the company can interact with a person quickly and effectively without wasting time re-gathering this information every time the person calls.

The Service cloud also allows customer service reps to work more efficiently by automatically suggesting relevant articles to them as they are typing in information about the person’s problem. Additionally if the fix for the issue can be solved remotely such as would be the case for a software update, then the service rep can send that fix directly to the customer.

The Refinery helps its clients in the manufacturing industry best take advantage of these numerous Salesforce resources by assisting them with implementation and providing thorough training and instruction about their effective use. We can also help you brainstorm for particular ways to benefit from Salesforce’s many resources based on the unique profile of your particular manufacturing company.