Marketing teams are tasked with building publicity and excitement for a company and its products and services and they are also the ones that handle most of the company’s advertising and PR. This extremely important department is able to benefit immensely from the innovative, revolutionary tools and resources that Salesforce has to offer. In fact one of Salesforce’s core clouds is the Marketing Cloud and it directly relates to the needs and opportunities that marketing departments experience on a daily basis.

Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud Makes Managing Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networks provide an excellent resource for company marketing departments. These social networking sites allow marketers to keep one finger on the pulse of public opinion and hear what consumers and the general public are saying about their company and its products. However, it can be tough tracking all of the social media networks separately, that is why Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud is such a great tool.

Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud aggregates information and lets marketers track keywords, update their profiles pages, and respond directly to comments. It also makes it easy for marketers to research potential customers, get a feel for what’s important to their target demographic, and follow up with links or information about products.

Salesforce Makes Launching Marketing and Email Campaigns Easy

Salesforce has everything marketers need to launch and manage an email or other marketing campaign. It is also easy to optimize these campaigns and make them smarter by dividing leads into categories according to factors such as geographic location, age, gender, or other demographic qualities which might make them or less interested in and receptive to the particular campaign. This helps reduce the perception of spam and unwanted email while also increasing the likelihood that the person respond favorably to the campaign.

Salesforce Tracks Marketing Campaign Results

In order to conduct a successful marketing campaign, it is crucial that the marketing team have information about what is work and what isn’t. Salesforce provides this functionality, making it easy to see what techniques are generating the most leads and what percentage of these leads are actually turning into conversions. In fact Salesforce offers information about a wide array of different metrics and makes it easy for marketing teams to create reports and determine which of their efforts are the most cost effective.

Salesforce’s AppExchange Is the Place For Hot Marketing Apps

Salesforce’s AppExchange is designed to allow users to easily develop, download, and install apps that their business better. The marketing department of a company in particular can benefit from this service because apps provide an excellent, engaging marketing opportunity. Marketers can also send potential customers links to these apps and connect with them on the Marketing Cloud. The process of developing the apps itself is also likely to be shaped by the marketing department as they have a direct line of communication to customers and public opinion, putting them in the ideal seat to know what apps and features customers want.

Salesforce Allows Marketers To Collaborate With Other Departments

Salesforce makes it easy for marketers to collaborate with people in other departments within their company. Salesforce accomplishes this by making it easy to share reports, leads, and other information through its network of services, in particular Salesforce Chatter. In turn marketers will also benefit from being more aware of the needs and concerns of the sales and customer service teams, and by staying on top of new product releases or upgrades so that they can promote them to customers.