A company’s sales team is on the frontline of both customer interaction and company representation. The sales team is also responsible for bringing in the lion’s share of the company’s revenue. Salesforce empowers this crucial department with a host of time-saving services which raise productivity while also boosting the quality and value of each customer interaction.

Salesforce Is Available Anywhere, At Anytime

For many companies the sales team is likely to be out of the office and on the go much more than any other department. This is because they might be doing product demonstrations at conferences and events, or meeting with customers one on one to to deliver their presentations. Because Salesforce is a cloud-based platform, it is always available at any time of the day or night, regardless of what computer, smartphone, or other device the sales rep needs to use to access it.

Empower Your Sales Teams With Phenomenal Apps

The Salesforce Platform and AppExchange make it easy for a company develop and install outstanding company-related apps. These apps are sleek, functional, and eye-catching, and they provide an engaging way for the sales rep to present the company’s products and services to customers. Apps can be created to help show the differences between products or packages, the benefits, and the advantages your company has over the competition. These apps are compatible with desktops, laptops, smartphones, iPads, and most other modern devices, ensuring that customers and reps will always have access when they need it.

Salesforce For Seamless Communication

A good sales rep needs to have the most up-to-date information about products and upgrades, as well as access to any information that might help them interact with customers. However, because this information may come from many different possible sources within the company such as customer support, tech support, marketing, or company management, it can be tough for an on-the-go sales rep to stay informed. Salesforce aggregates information in an extremely efficient, easy to see and share way.

Marketing and Customer Research Made Easier

Since the sales team is on the frontlines they need to know what customers and the public as a whole are saying about the company or industry as a whole immediately so that they can react accordingly in their next presentation or be ready to answer customer questions and address concerns. Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud monitors social media, blogs, and community forums, allowing the sales team to keep one finger on the pulse of the overall market. The Marketing Cloud also allows the sales rep to quickly and easily scan through a customer’s social media posts, to get a feel for what concerns he or she has, and to look for ways to connect and relate to them prior to a meeting or call.

Salesforce Improves Lead Nurturing Easy

The simple truth is that not all customers are ready to buy immediately. Sometimes they may need gradual, consistent contact and information from the company and sales rep before they are ready to take the plunge. However, that type of regular following up is time and labor intensive and it’s easy for someone to slip through the cracks. Salesforce makes lead nurturing easy by allowing the sales agent to set up automated, personalized messages to the customer, as well as to create a schedule that will give them regular reminders to check in personally with the lead.