Refinery Source offers outstanding support for Salesforce and services to provide our clients with expert access for administrative and development issues. Think of us as your help desk. We’re here to assist with any end-user issues that may occur so can get back to business. Refinery Source Salesforce consulting will deliver your project in time, all goals, and within the quoted price. You’ll be happy with the end results.

Ongoing Support – We have the ability to release enhancements to production environment without extended interruptions of service. We are very dedicated to customer success and seek longer term business partnerships.

Increase Adoption – Change can be difficult for some people, especially to your sales team. You may be frustrated that some team members are resisting Salesforce and you’re at a stand still. You may be scratching you head wondering if you aren’t leveraging the most out of the Salesfocrce platform. Gaining the maximum return from your Salesforce implementation begins with user adoption. We’ll engage with your Salesforce users, listen and learn their concerns, then offer new strategies that they may not have utilized. We want your Sales Team, to be just that, a team.

Maximize ROI – Marketing automation optimizes each level of the sales funnel and companies that use automation have higher conversion rates from marketing response to marketing a qualified lead.Automation users lose fewer leads and enjoy higher conversion rates than non users. With Refinery Source administration we can help you identify the highest quality leads with automatic lead scoring and grading so you can maximize your ROI. Additionally, we’ll work with you to accurately measure ROI, campaign performance, funnel velocity, and more to gain an unprecedented view of marketing and sales performance. Break down barriers and bring sales and marketing together through alignment.

Data Cleansing, Entry and De-Duplication – We offer data migration services that include data extraction, cleansing, de-duplication, standardization and validation, and import into Salesforce. Maintaining data quality is critical, especially when it comes to information about your prospects and customers. Salesforce provides data quality management capabilities to ensure that your lead and customer database has valid data and is free of duplicates.