We want to become an integral part of your team and your sales process, so from day one, we give our clients the flexibility to choose exactly how they would like to work with us. Salesforce can vastly improve workforce productivity and customer satisfaction. However, implementing Salesforce properly can be time-consuming, convoluted, and expensive for an organization without prior knowledge and experience. Our consultants will assist you to develop a roadmap, evaluate key growth opportunities, consider existing sales capabilities and then recommend a strategy for accelerated changes for your sales channels. Our services range from a single resource to a full-scale turn-key outsourcing solution.

Discovery Process – Refinery Source will work with your group through a discovery process to identify and chronicle your core business goals to ensure Salesforce is completed in an efficient manner. Our Salesforce process will aid in reducing implementation risks, time, and project costs.

Key Performance Indicators – When we talk KPIs, we don’t look at some final number of dollars sold; any business does that. Refinery Source’s Salesforce implementation is the differential. We dig deeper into authentic data and bring to surface those metrics that build toward closing more business and tightening customer engagement. We’ll help you identify and set targets for concise KPI’s in every facet of your funnel: marketing, sales, customer support/service, and you current customer base.

Existing Sales Process – With Salesforce, we’ll help streamline your existing sales process with your acute sales team to create new, intelligent formulated opportunities. As a one-stop-shop, we will integrate your existing, legacy, proprietary database seamlessly with Salesforce. Document and log every lead, every opportunity, and every category to gain more transparency within your sales flow.

Inventory of Existing Data and Software – Our consultants offer options and insight when planning the move, and assessments of what goes with you and what to toss out. Because your company works like no other, we makes it easy to modify or extend your Salesforce applications to work the way you do. You’ve got a slew of questions and we’ve got the answers.

Identify Pain Points – Understanding the challenges and weakness is critical when adopting Salesforce. We’ll provide strong support for your team members so we can quickly provide a clear vision that your entire team can understand.

Adoption Strategy – Communication is key. We’ll first define what adoption means to you, then articulate the scale of work when creating a strategy for Salesforce adoption. You will want to measure the benefits on day one, so we’ll be sure to choose metrics immediately after implementation. Refinery Source’s Salesforce team will break down phases and provide solutions, then analyze your data for inaccuracies, inconsistencies, and gaps to help you correct the course.