Now let’s go to work. Salesforce is an amazingly powerful tool, but only if used correctly for your business. At Refinery Source we focus on how they you work and can help you bring the Salesforce suite of services to a small group or to hundreds of users. You may have another software system or website that you’d like to tie into Salesforce and we develop an application to intergrate into your legacy platform.

Connecting Existing Software – We have a rock solid approach when converting data and software to not only help you get the most from your investments but to help you achieve your goals. Migrate data from your legacy CRM systems in batch or one-time. As we tie in your existing software, we stay on top of the latest software trends to provide assistance and options along the way. We’ll take the time to understand your needs.

Connecting Marketing Efforts – As a stand alone CRM, Salesforce is incredibly powerful and one that integrates with your digital marketing channels. We can connect your lead database to sales and email marketing campaigns. The native integration helps you gain complete visibility, insight and more for your business. But we can empower your channel and help you manage your entire marketing mix and provide a solution to meet the needs of everyone from small business, to large, global organizations.

Connecting the Web – Powerful cloud computing allows your Salesforce team to connect real-time with each other and manage leads with just a few simple clicks. Collect data and using that data much easier. We’ll examine your business data by asking all the important preliminary questions. If you need guidance on optimizing or transforming your processes ahead of your move to Salesforce, our experienced consultants would be happy to help.

Connecting Social Media – By harnessing the power of social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Klout ) with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you’ll be able to listen and engage with customers and employees for better and more meaningful relationships. We’ll be able to bind stronger and more relevant customer engagement for your business. Our team will gather key insights and metrics about your brand on the dashboard, in real time. With customizable rules and filters, your sales people automatically know the highest priorities to address: product complaints, sales opportunities, and connecting with influencers.

Custom Development – Extensive knowledge of software development and strong Java background gives us the ability to establish and execute project-specific process apps for your custom Salesforce development. Our Refinery Source consultants will build upon a highly customized SalesForce implementation, utilizing and adding to existing custom applications. We’ll work with your point persons throughout all aspects of the software development lifecycle to explain software capabilities and completely understand your business requirements.

Automation and Workflows – Manage your entire business, anywhere. Our deep Salesforce understanding, workflow experience, analytics capabilities, and automation knowledge positions us as your go-to partner for this CRM enterprise services. Our Salesforce integration provides workflow automation competencies that you can easily customize to better manage your group’s marketing processes. The result is greater control over routine activities and the elimination of redundant tasks.