Salesforce is only as good as the people using it; training is paramount to reap the most success from your CRM system. Failure of users to adopt a new system is why 50% of CRM systems are unsuccessful. Refinery Source will provide targeted, custom training for your entire team so they are equipped with the knowledge and skills to use Salesforce, its business processes, and harness the capabilities to keep Salesforce growing and successful. We’ll engage employees to drive user adoption with innovation and align you business goals with key functionalities.

Our training workshops include: Salesforce Fundamentals, Salesforce Developer, Salesforce Adminstrator.

Group – We offer online remote or on-location classroom training classes and seminars to fit your needs. This custom-tailored program will give you and your team advance knowledge and skills to fully take on the Salesforce responsibilities. By first understanding your internal processes, we’ll ensure that your employees focus on specific knowledge and functions that are crucial for your business. We take on real situations and provide you with a deep understanding of the CRM so we can propel your sales to the next level.

1-On-1 – For some clients, private training adoption is a good fit because it gives one-on-one focus with our Refinery Source instructor. We’ll give you the tools and best practices to manage and configure custom applications. Here we’ll dial in on very specific needs and pain points so you can fully maximize comprehension.