It is fitting that social media management departments have so much to gain by using Salesforce, because like Salesforce, social media management is also a fairly new, revolutionary creation that focuses on improving customer interaction. The tools and capabilities that Salesforce offers dovetails nicely with the needs and objectives of a social media management department. Together social media management and Salesforce can dramatically shape the customer experience and the public perception of a company.

Salesforce’s Social Cloud Aggregates Social Media Efforts

In the last several years social media has exploded in popularity and overall volume. The typical American of all ages is likely to use more than one social media network, and is likely to do so on a regular basis. That is why it is more than understandable that many companies who wish to stay relevant and current have created their own social media management departments. However, even with an entire department dedicated to social media, it can still be difficult to keep track of everything that is happening on such a broad, diverse array of social networks.

Fortunately Salesforce’s Social Cloud makes the task of staying up to speed on everything that is being said about your company easy by aggregating all of the information from the different networks together. Additionally the social media management team can even respond directly to customers on different networks using the social cloud, and they can also update their different pages and profiles, all from one easy-to-use, centralized location.

The Social Cloud Also Tracks Blogs and Community News

To say that the internet is a big place would be a massive understatement. While much of the most urgent, real time communication with customers happens via social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Google +, or LinkedIn, many other important avenues exist through blogs and community forums. This is particularly true for forums and blogs that are dedicated to a particular topic that directly involves or significantly overlaps with a company’s business. Often these bloggers and groups are very influential and shape the way other customers see the company with their posts.

The Social Cloud from Salesforce to aggregate information from blogs and community groups. The social media management department can also set up alerts that will track keywords so that they know exactly when a site, blog, or group is discussing their company. This allows the social media management team to get ahead of any bad press and capitalize on any good press.

Salesforce’s AppExchange Is Ideal for Social Apps

The Salesforce AppExchange makes it easy for companies to develop, download, and install new apps that are related to their businesses. Often the best app ideas come from the social media management department since they are uniquely attuned to customer needs and interests. Additionally it is usually the social media management team’s purview to publicize these apps and convince customers to download them. That means that good synergy between Salesforce’s AppExchange and the Social Media Management team provides an excellent opportunity for both highly useful apps and great distribution of those apps.

Salesforce Makes It Easy to Identify Trends

Social Media Management teams deal directly with individual customers on a daily basis. However, they are also tasked with managing the company’s overall image through social media as a whole, and that makes them well positioned to identify overarching customer comments and feedback that can portend market trends and growth opportunities. Salesforce enhances this opportunity even more by making it easy to track and compare information and sort flukes and outliers from legitimate trends and directions.