The tech support department is one of the front line departments which interact with customers on a regular basis. Unfortunately by the time the customer gets to this department they are usually already frustrated about a problem that they are experiencing. That is why great customer service is so important. Salesforce has many benefits to offer the tech support department which will go a long way toward smoothing things over with customers and getting things back on track as quickly and pleasantly as possible.

Salesforce Reduces Redundancy by Tracking Customer Information

The beginning of just about every service call typically begins the same way, with the tech support agent asking the customer to describe the nature of his or her problem and also gathering information about product models, warranties, contact numbers and email, and related information. It is certainly important for the tech agent to have this information, but it can be frustrating to the customer if they have already given that same information to company representatives from other departments or to other tech agents in an earlier call. We’ve all been there. It is also a time-consuming process that is likely to be tedious for both the customer and the tech agent.

Salesforce reduces the need for informational reciting redundancy by making it easy for everyone at the company to quickly and easily access and update all of the relevant information about a customer. Salesforce also keeps a log of past customer/company interactions and stores information about product information and warranties.

The Salesforce Service Cloud Makes Diagnostics Easy

One of the most exciting and revolutionary tools that Salesforce offers companies, especially tech support agents, is the Salesforce Service Cloud. The cloud automatically begins to suggest helpful articles related to the problem the customer is experiencing as soon as the tech agent begins to type a description of the problem. The Service Cloud will also recommend fixes and repairs.

Another great, convenient aspect of the Service Cloud is that in many cases it allows the tech agent to resolve the problem remotely. For instance if the problem turns out to be that the customer needs a software update or needs to install other patches, the Service Cloud can often send the required updates remotely to the customer’s equipment.

The Salesforce AppExchange Makes Tech Development Convenient

Depending on the size and focus of the company it is common for the tech support department to also be actively involved in the development of new Apps and webpages for the company. The Salesforce AppExchange is an excellent tool that makes developing, downloading, and installing great apps a breeze. This is also convenient for tech agents who aren’t directly tasked with creating new apps for the company, but who are in a position to see what is needed and make recommendations accordingly.

Salesforce Helps Tech Support Interface with Other Departments

At most companies the tech support team is extremely busy resolving issues and keeping the company’s technology running smoothly. However, it is essential that they also communicate with other departments such as sales, customer support, marketing, and other departments about key tech developments that will affect these departments. Additionally the tech team needs to be informed about company-wide developments that will impact them.

Salesforce makes this type of cross-department communication quick and easy by offering a number of highly effective communication tools. For instance the Salesforce Chatter network allows employees to view a quick summary of the primary developments and correspondences that are occurring at the company. Salesforce also tracks which company employees have interacted with customers at various stages of the customer service experience, providing agents with information about how to confer with about a particular customer or issue.