The Refinery is uniquely positioned to offer a wide range of high quality services to its clients. While these services will vary and be specifically designed with the needs of each client in mind, the general services can be broken up into three main categories.


The Refinery Source develops powerful, sophisticated tools to increase the productivity, workflow, and customer experience for our clients. We help them to make prescient business decisions that capitalize on emerging opportunities and growth trends. We’ll carefully assess our clients’ needs and then we develop a system designed specifically to meet those needs.

The Refinery Source works closely with our clients throughout the development process. We use the agile development model which is designed to facilitate speed of production and to allow for quick and effective optimization to fully meet our clients’ expectations and priorities.


The consulting division of our services is designed to relieve the pressures of day-to-day operations on our customers. Obstacles to productivity can prevent you from focusing on the actual nuts and bolts of your business and can damage your relationship with customers. That is why The Refinery is pleased to offer highly skilled, resourceful solutions to these problems.

Our consulting services include CRM solutions & design, CRM implementation, business analysis, and project management. These services will help you run your business more smoothly and profitably. The Refinery Source is dedicated to not only meeting, but exceeding client expectations and delivering outstanding, reliable, high value consulting services