One of the most exciting developments in recent technology has been the rapid and pervasive spread of applications. These applications perform a huge range of tasks and are available both in mobile form and in web form. The fascinating thing about the rise of applications as a focal point in technology is that in the past most technological advancements centered more around hardware and machines. This shift is indicative of the fact that nowadays our devices are more powerful than ever, can handle a much greater range of functions, and as such are being geared to perform an ever changing array of tasks.

Many people are most familiar with applications in the context of their smart phones, tablets, or personal computers. These applications are great for everything from entertainment to organization. However, where they really excel is in their ability to make life easier for their users. They are an essential tool in the lives of most modern day people. As such it is only natural that businesses and companies are also looking for a way to utilize applications.

The Refinery has a strong background in application development and the tech sector in general. We can help companies develop the full gamut of applications which their employees may use for internal operations or which may be used by the business’ customers and clients. Our services in application development will include the following:

  • An emphasis on making the application both user friendly and intuitive.
  • An emphasis on making the application highly functional and productive.
  • Help brainstorming for additional features the application can perform.
  • Testing the application to ensure quality and function.
  • Providing tech support and security for the application.
  • Incorporating the logo, style, and themes of the overall business to ensure effective branding.
  • Much More!

The above list is only a small sample of the most typical aspects that we focus on for all customers when doing application development. One of the main services that we provide to customers, however, is the ability to target their industry and company specifically and meet them exactly where they are. Our services are unique to the needs of each client. We gain lessons, skills, and resources that we develop with each application piece. We don’t try to force a project into a one size fits all model.

The Refinery helps our clients conceptualize what they need from their application. We realize that not all clients have the requisite vocabulary to engage in high level discussion about tech matters and we would never expect them to. Rest assured that it is not at all uncommon for a company to realize that a need exists but have trouble articulating exactly what the problem is and what solution they would like to see. Thus we research the situation and discuss the needs and concerns of the business with the client. Then together we will come up with an application that can address these needs. We are able to do this type of application development for web applications, mobile applications, or both. Contact us if you are looking into development and/or marketing for your application.