Helping great companies reach the next level of success

The Refinery Source can help your company attain the next level of success with our consulting services. From Salesforce and CRM solutions, implementation, and training, to project management and business analysis we can help you find new opportunities for growth.

CRM Solutions & Design

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems are designed to improve the customer experience and drive more value for the company. They improve workflow and productivity, provide a centralized, secure location for data, and make it easy to track key metrics. The Refinery Source designs customized CRM solutions.

CRM Implementation

Implementing a new CRM can be a daunting prospect for companies. The Refinery Source takes the stress out of the process by handling all aspects of implementation and ensuring that there is no disruption to daily operations.

Business Analysis

Even successful companies can benefit from high level business analysis. Business analysis can reveal opportunities to lower costs and increase productivity, while also showing new sales and growth opportunities. The Refinery Source provides detailed, comprehensive business analysis to help you succeed.

Project Management

Don’t let major projects with numerous phases and a large staff spiral out of control. The Refinery Source provides quality Project Management services that will take your project from the early planning and conception phase through to final completion, while hitting all major benchmarks along the way.

The Refinery Source is dedicated to meeting and exceeding client expectations and delivering reliable, high value consulting services. If you’re serious about growing revenue and expanding your company’s reach, The Refinery Source can help.