Deep Analysis for Strategic Solutions

The Refinery Source assigns a Business Analyst to every project and implementation to assist bridge the gap between the client and development team. The business analyst role helps your company to better deploy resources, shape policy development, develop business requirements, and drive project development and implementation.

Working To Meet Your Business Objectives

Our business analysts will cultivate a full and complete understanding of your business objectives. This will allow us to prioritize requirements, software solutions, and development processes that will best serve the pursuit of your particular business objectives, whether that is to increase value for shareholders, expand market reach, increase productivity, or raise brand awareness. The first step is knowing your goals so we can help you reach them.

Crafting a Customized Project Plan

Once we have that deep level understanding of your business objectives, we will craft a customized project plan to meet these objectives. This detailed plan will include concrete steps and benchmarks along the way to measure success. While every project plan is different, key components will likely include the following:

  • Discovery
  • Define Design
  • Development
  • Deployment
  • Testing
  • Training

Business Analysis Done Right

The Refinery Source is committed to helping clients receive the most value from their project implementation. Our business analysis experience and open collaboration style allows us to create and optimize the model that works best for you and your company. Let the Refinery Source help you take your business to the next level.