Powerful CRM Solutions to Enhance Workflow

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) are powerful software platforms designed to help companies manage customer interactions with both current and future customers. They are designed to help companies improve the quality of their customer relationships through integration of sales, marketing, customer services and technical support . However, CRMs are not a one-size-fits-all model due to companies varying needs. CRMs should be carefully designed and tailored to best serve each company. The Refinery Source provides comprehensive CRM solutions & design services.

Thorough Business Process Review

The Refinery Source will start your CRM design process by conducting a thorough review of your business to understand your unique company culture, goals and priorities, business processes, best practices, and overall industry landscape. We will use this information to provide a CRM schema that addresses these needs and the proposed CRM will meet the business requirements.

Innovative Solution Design

Once the CRM requirements have been finalized the Refinery Source will begin the CRM design phase. This phase will include the technical design and configuration of the data model and security. We will provide a data migration plan to ensure that historical data integrates flawlessly into your new CRM. Prototypes and mockups will be provided on an iterative basis to facilitate easy changes and keep the project on track.

Customizing and Configuring the CRM

During the customizing and configuring phase, the implementation begins and some sample data migration is conducted. Next we will perform rigorous testing, both internal and user acceptance testing, to ensure that the system is functioning properly.

Full Data Migration

During the data migration phase we will transfer your customer data from your legacy system into your brand new CRM. This will involve a multi-step process including:

  • Data Extraction
  • Mapping
  • Preparation
  • Migration
  • Testing

Training and Going Live

Once the implementation is complete, training is available for users to gain knowledge and insight on how to get the most value and efficiency from the system. The Refinery Source is committed to ensuring that every client we work with is fully satisfied with their CRM.