If your company has made the decision to adopt a CRM – congratulations! This is a huge step toward improving overall customer satisfaction, increasing productivity, reducing cost, and overall streamlining your business. However, acquiring a CRM is not without certain special considerations that need to be planned for very carefully, chief among them is training.

CRMs are software solutions to the challenge of managing your customer relationships as well as the personal information associated with these relationships. Since a CRM is by nature a computer program the features and interface have to be carefully learned for it be effective. This will require a dedicated training period for all employees who will be using the CRM. This training period can potentially be very disruptive to business productivity. Another concern is that the person or people doing the training, even if they have learned the ins and outs of the CRM themselves, may not have the necessary skillset to effectively teach those skills to other people. That is why The Refinery is such a good choice to handle this important training for you.

The Refinery is able to fully train your company’s staff on your new CRM. We have extensive knowledge of not only CRMs and similar software applications, but also of the sales, marketing, customer service, and technical aspects that underpin the CRM. This give us a fuller perspective of the overall picture and helps us to better train your staff by being able to tailor our methods in such a way that the individual learning can more fully relate to the information being taught. Our CRM training emphasizes the following:

  • Minimizing the disruption to your company
  • Maximizing the clarity and simplicity of instruction
  • Reviewing and re-solidifying important points
  • Focusing on relating the information to each employee
  • Emphasizing the underlying ideas to illustrate the importance of the CRM
  • Strategizing on additional ways the CRM can be of service to your company
  • Brainstorming on how the CRM can be integrated into daily life at the company
  • Additional points as needed

One of the most important qualities that The Refinery brings to the table when it comes to training is the understanding that no two companies are the same. That means that we will customize our approach to the way that best meets the needs of your particular business. In many cases that will mean that we need to do additional research and strategizing for your company and we are more than willing and able to do just that.

In addition to the individuality of your company we also know that each employee is different. Some people may not be particularly tech savvy in the first place or they may have a background in a different program that is making it difficult for them to learn the new information. We will patiently take the time to walk them through each step and make sure that they have each part down before we move on. For more information about CRM training or similar services please contact us.