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Effectively managing customer relationships is essential for any business. Failing to do so will result in the loss of profitability and can prevent the development of new customer engagements. However, it is easy for a customer to slip through the cracks because the breadth and depth of how. That is because there are so many different aspects to Customer Relationship Management.

Customer Relationship Management involves a company’s interactions with its existing customers or clients, as well as its new sales prospects. A good system of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) involves using technology to automate the process, to keep track of the customer’s information and experiences, and for customer service support. A major part of a CRM is the retention of existing customers and even efforts to win back customers who may have left. There are many different aspects of beginning and maintaining a CRM including:

  • Implementation
  • Adoption
  • Analytics
  • Security and Privacy

The implementation involves actually getting the CRM in place. Once it is in place it must be adopted by you and your employees so that it can be effectively used. One major element of this effective use is analysis. Analytics will provide you with crucial information about how the CRM is performing. Security and privacy will keep the information stored in the CRM from being compromised. Once the CRM is fully established, it will help you accomplish the following goals:

  • Customer Information
  • Marketing
  • Managing Appointments
  • Customer Service and Support

These important services are the core function of the CRM. However, in addition to these many CRMs also often handle:

  • Social Media
  • Job Scheduling
  • Email and other Contact efforts

These functions truly increase the value of the CRM and make it a more full service product. The social media aspect in particular is becoming increasingly important in today’s climate. It seems likely that future CRMs will have a social media focus built right in.

Two of the major challenges with establishing a new CRM at a company involves its implementation and training. The Refinery is there to help every step of the way through these crucial transition periods. We will oversee the implementation to ensure that there are no major glitches and we will be in place to help you through any hiccups. Once the CRM is in place we will also help train you and your staff in the effective operation of it so that you can reap the greatest reward from your new CRM.

Thus it is easy to see that a good CRM is likely to be a major benefit to a company. However, with so much hanging in the balance it should never be left chance or managed by people who are inexperienced with the system. The Refinery Source offers an affordable, high quality solution to Customer Relationship Management. Please contact us for more information about this service.