Creating powerful, sophisticated business tools

The Refinery Source helps companies develop powerful, sophisticated business tools to increase productivity, improve workflow, enhance the customer experience, and make prescient business decisions. We’ll work closely with you to assess your needs and develop a system to meet them.

Data & System Integrations

Integrating your existing legacy systems with modern software and services that tap into the Cloud, Salesforce, or other cutting edge systems can increase security, eliminate redundant processes, and allow your employees to better serve its customers. Rich features, customization, and broad support ensures that employees from all departments and at all levels will benefit.

Mobile – iOS & Android

Developing a sleek, useful mobile site and mobile apps is a must in today’s always-connected landscape. The Refinery Source will help you provide the mobile solutions that your customers demand and your employees need. Whether for iOS, Android, or both, The Refinery Source is your solution.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence helps you make smarter business decisions by gathering data about your customers and analyzing it for trends and opportunities. It takes the guesswork out of product and service development and ensures that you are offering the most value to customers and getting the most return on your investment.

Data Analytics & Visualization

Data Analytics & Visualization provides a fast, simple way to understand large amounts of data. The Refinery Source develops tools and systems that help you manage this data and compile it into easy-to-understand charts and graphs that tell a cohesive story at a glance. The days of painstakingly creating and analyzing complex reports is over!

UX Strategy & Design

Your UX, or user experience, strategy is all about how the end user interacts with product, system, or site. It goes far beyond merely surface level visual appearance and delves deeper into the inner workings and mechanics of the design itself to ensure that the end user has the absolute best possible experience.

The Refinery Source will work closely with your company throughout the development process. We use an agile development approach designed to speed production and allow for quick and effective refinement to fully meet your expectations and priorities.