Empowering businesses with the insights they need to make strategic decisions.

Business intelligence is the strategic management of business data, applications, technologies,and processes that guide business decisions and business management. It also refers to data analysis, data mining, predictive and prescriptive analytics, reporting, presentation, and data dissemination. While these terms and concepts may seem daunting, at its core in simplest terms business intelligence is about using data to make smarter decisions about your business. The Refinery Source can help.

The Prevalence of Data

Thanks to the internet and the data revolution more business data is available now than ever before. At one time data had to be gathered manually through interviews with customers, lengthy questionnaires, and a review of sales and performance figures. Now data can be automatically recorded and gathered by software programs and applications that quickly and easily convert it into high quality, high value reports that are immediately actionable.

Cutting Through the Data Clutter

Yet the prevalence of data presents a new challenge to some companies. As the abundance of data increases, it can become more difficult to cut through the irrelevant data and see the important trends and key metrics needed for effective business decisions. The Refinery Source helps clients cut through the clutter with Resources like:

  • Customized Reports
  • Automatic Updates
  • Aggregated Information
  • Interactive Visualization
  • Dynamic Charts and Graphs
  • Easy Refinement
  • Better Data Filtering
  • Quick Deployment of Tools

Better Data Management

The Refinery Source helps companies manage their data with customized business solutions including analytics, reporting, and integration with existing, legacy business systems. We can help your company capitalize on the explosion of useful customer data by developing a personalized data management system that takes your company culture, customer expectations, industry, and priorities into account. Our training and implementation support will help executives and key employees navigate the new system and maximize its value. The Refinery Source makes business intelligence smarter!