More and more companies are harnessing the power and convenience of mobile devices for both customer interaction and engagement as well as for the company’s own internal workflow and productivity. The two largest players in the mobile market are of course Apple and Google with their iOS and Android operating systems respectively. The Refinery Source works closely with companies to determine their needs and priorities and then develops mobile apps for iOS and Android that meet those needs.

Mobile Apps

Proprietary Mobile Apps – Proprietary mobile apps are used by employees to enhance productivity, streamline workflow, or accomplish other specific tasks. The mobile revolution has has allowed sales teams and executives unprecedented freedom. With proprietary mobile apps, employees can collaborate from remote locations, executives and management have real time access to company data, and sales teams can perform demos and access customer information in the field.

Customer Mobile Apps – Customer mobile apps are used by your customer base to interact with the company or utilize a service. Customer mobile apps enhance the customer experience by providing a convenient way for customers to place orders, access or update account information, stream data, or communicate directly with your company about a concern. Customer mobile apps also help increase your sales and marketing reach by allowing you to send customers updates and notifications, information about discounts, sales, or special events, and much more!

Mobile Compatibility

In addition to standalone apps, it is crucial for companies to have mobile compatible company websites. Each year more and more customers are accessing websites while on the go with their mobile devices rather than on traditional desktop or laptop computers. Having a site that is poorly designed for mobile visitors is thus likely to cause your customers a great deal of frustration and may result in them choosing your competitor if they cannot access the information they need from your site.

Responsive Web Design – Responsive web design creates sites that are automatically optimized for every size screen! This ensures that your customer will see a useful, well-designed page layout whether they are on their mobile devices, tablets, or full size laptops or desktops.

Dedicated Mobile Sites – Another solution for mobile compatibility for your company website are dedicated mobile sites. These sites designed and built specifically with smaller, mobile- size screens in mind. Unlike sites that use responsive web design, companies taking this approach will need to maintain two separate company websites with updates and maintenance.

The Refinery Source is committed to helping our clients find the mobile solution that is ideal for their situation, whether that solution is a proprietary mobile app that helps their employees get more done, a customer app that increases sales and customer satisfaction, or a sleek, well-designed mobile site that they can be proud to have attached to their company name and brand.