Creating a Smoother Flow of Data

From proprietary systems to publically available commercial systems, there are countless software solutions to increase productivity and manage daily operations for companies and businesses. These systems can do a great job supporting companies and are often indispensable. The problem arises when there are redundancies and duplicate processes between multiple systems and when these systems fail to connect and share key data freely. The answer is to integrate your systems and connect the data.

A Closer Look at System Integrations

The Refinery Source can integrate your proprietary software systems with external, third-party services so that your entire team is on the same page and has access to the data and tasks they need to function at peak performance levels. The Refinery Source provides seamless system integrations for a range of software systems including the following:

Salesforce Integration – Harness the power of Salesforce by integrating it with your existing system and reap the rewards of Salesforce’s powerful suite of services such as the Marketing Cloud, Wave Analytics, Chatter, and so much more.

CRM Integration – Integrate your systems with a customer relationship management (CRM) system to provide more centralized customer data and manage your customer relationships more effectively.

Form Integrations – The Refinery Source helps clients integrate their forms and other data collection tools with their other systems to ensure that the data is synced and accessible across all the platforms needed.

The Benefits of System Integrations

Improved Workflow – System integrations improve workflow and productivity by eliminating redundancies between systems. Instead of wasting time entering data twice or looking it up in multiple places – and thereby increasing the chance of error – systems integrations allows data to be entered once.

Enhanced Security – Security breaches can result in huge financial losses for a company, a damage to customer trust, and a tarnishing of the company’s reputation. Avoid these pitfalls with systems integrations that eliminate vulnerabilities and keep data truly private and secure.

Better Customer Management – System integrations improve customer management by making the process much easier and intuitive. Many important tasks can also be automated or can benefit from reminders and insights gained through improved analytics.

Easier Maintenance – Maintaining two or more separate systems can be a major IT headache. integrated systems are easier to maintain and allow your IT department to focus their efforts in one place and keep everything update to date and secure.

Lower Costs – System integrations help companies save money by reducing many of the costs discussed above such as IT costs, security breaches, and lost productivity while also improving the profitability of individual customers and creating a better customer experience.

System Integrations provide the competitive edge that companies need to thrive in a challenging business landscape. The Refinery Source works closely with clients to come up with systems integrations solutions that meet their particular needs and provide the most benefits and value.