Unifying Your Brand Identity Across All Platforms

Integrated Marketing strategies aim to create a single, consistent marketing front that emphasizes a single brand identity. Integrated Marketing unifies not only the content, tone, and style of email messages with the website design, but also complements print ads and traditional media campaigns. The Refinery Sources helps companies develop an integrated marketing strategy that creates the kind of consistency and recognition that garners customer attention.

The Benefits of Integrated Marketing

Integrated marketing ensures that customers experience your company in the same way regardless of which channel they use to make contact. This prevents confusion about who your company is and what it offers. Integrated marketing also improves the efficacy of marketing campaigns and branding efforts. For example, it would undermine a company’s bold, hip online persona if customers found the company releasing TV commercial in button-down suits with an emphasis on tradition and understatement. This kind of disparity could potentially make customers unsure what to expect from your company and could result in them taking their business to a competitor with a more unified branding approach.

Integrated marketing also reduces costs and overhead by allowing multi-channel marketing campaigns to be developed and deployed simultaneously, often with the same workforce or key managers overseeing the entire campaign instead of splitting focus and necessitating the use of more personnel and resources.

  • Lower Marketing Costs
  • Unified Branding Identity
  • Better Customer Perception
  • Increased Campaign Reach
  • Enhanced Efficiency and Management

Integrated marketing ensures that all divisions of your company are on the same page and providing a consistent, high value experience for customers. It prevents customers from getting conflicting information from multiple sources and ensures that their expectations are met.

Integrated Marketing Solutions from The Refinery Source

The Refinery Source works with clients to develop a strong, cohesive marketing strategy that can be deployed across all channels. We provide a full range of marketing solutions including web design, social media, Salesforce and CRMs, content marketing, print and promotional ads, and more. We can also help you streamline your marketing efforts with automated marketing, analytics, and data management.